Download: Technology and the Move to Managed Care 

The trend to managed care is growing. There are currently 15 US states in the design and implementation stages of using managed care to administer DD Waivers.

What does that mean for provider agencies?  This educational report explores the 5 biggest trends with the move to managed care and how technology is vital to all of them.  If you read one whitepaper this year that has real implications to the future of your agency, this is it.

This report includes:

  • Up-to-date statistics
  • Lessons learned by states and providers already making the transition to managed care
  • The 5 biggest trends with managed care
  • How electronic records become essential in this new model of care

So, if you're wondering how DD services in your state will change as Medicaid managed care takes a larger role - make sure to download this exclusive e-report today.