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Connect News 03/12/2020

Learn about the new features released on MediSked Connect (3/12/2020) and get a reminder about our new support platform and ticketing system.

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Introduction to Salesforce Ticketing System

On Monday, March 2nd, the MediSked Support Team changed its ticketing software. Learn more about the new support platform.

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Connect News 02/13/2020

The latest Connect news: including the 2/13/2020 release, some updates on recent features, and introducing a new webinar education series.

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MediSked Support Update - January 2020

Important updates to MediSked's support policies, as of January 20, 2020. This impacts the call-in policy for MediSked Administrators.

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Connect News 1/16/20

This light Connect update includes a new banner on the main page of the MediSked interface, providing convenient one-click access to our new MediSked Connect Latest News landing page, plus previews of good things to come!

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Connect News 12/19/19

Our December 2019 release includes observation-report updates, the ability to indicate primary insurance, archiving of mobile alerts and a few other goodies.

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Connect News 10/24/19 – Connect 3.9 Release

MediSked Connect Version 3.9 includes significant enhancements to your user experience, such as Enhanced Observations and the New Billing Dashboard. We're excited to share the details with you here.

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