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June 15 is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Regulatory Update: CMS Issues EVV Guidance

8 Signs You Work in the Human Services Industry

Celebrating Older Americans Month This May!

Inclusivity in Action

New ONC Guide to Accessing and Using Your Records

Congratulations to the 2018 DSPs of the Year!

Implementing Value-Based Payments Across the HCBS Continuum

Upcoming Webinar: Electronic Visit Verification: What You Need to Know to Comply

Driving Empowerment this Autism Awareness Month

Highlighting Adaptive Programs - Shared Ski Adventures 

Raising Awareness this World Down Syndrome Day

Failures in Compliance: High Stakes for Both Providers and Vendors

Driving Person-Centeredness with Increased Visibility

My Boss Thinks I’m Kind Of a Big Deal

Raise Awareness this March!

What’s on the Horizon with Medicaid?

Upcoming Webinar - Value Over Volume: The Shift to Value-Based Purchasing for I/DD

A Day in the Life of a MediSked Software Developer

New Infographic: Top Questions Providers Ask Us

What is UX? 

Looking at Technology Through Pizza Slices 

MediSked in the Community

New Conflict-Free Case Management Resource! 

5 Things You Might Not Know About MediSked

Webinar: Case Study: New York’s Path to Managed Care for the I/DD Population

Catching Up with MediSked Support - The Year in Review

Make Integrating Technology Your 2018 Resolution

The Importance of Data

New Electronic Visit Verification Infographic

Utilization - Identifying Trends in Real-Time

Reclaiming Your Space

Effective Communication – Period.

MediSked Advisor Council - Insight and Collaboration from the Field

Make Empowerment Possible: MediSked Matching Campaign with The Arc

Sunday is International Day of Persons with Disabilities

Advocacy and Community Engagement Best Practices from The Arc of North Carolina

Do You Know About MediSked's Resources?

Status Update: Implementation of the Home and Community Based Settings Rule

Understanding Value Based Payment Reform: A Case Study in New York

Easing the Transition to Technology

Out in Colorado with The Resource Exchange

Why I Came to MediSked and Why I Stay

The Arc Convention: Emphasis on Valuing Employees

Tips to Have a Safe and FUN Halloween!

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month!

New Managed Care Q&A Publication with MediSked and ANCOR

Spotlight on In the Driver’s Seat: Tools for Self-Directed Services in New York

ANCOR International Council - Building Inclusive Communities on a Global Level

Spreading Awareness: Educating Voters and Getting Registered

Friday is National Falls Prevention Awareness Day

“Technology is the Cornerstone of Modern Living”

Celebrating Direct Support Professionals Across the Country!

Takeaways from the 2017 HCBS Conference

Building a Vibrant Community: Inclusion and Belonging

Project Management Fundamentals for Nonprofits

A Global Push for Cost-Effective Assistive Technology – GREAT Summit

What You Need to Know About Interoperability

Reflecting on the Impact of Medicare and Medicaid on the 52nd Anniversary

Celebrating the 27th Anniversary of the ADA - Looking to the Future

National Disability Voter Registration Week- Exercising Your Rights

Fighting Negative Stereotypes with Technology: Mohammed Saad's Story

Nothing About Us Without Us: Including Individuals In the Process

Technology for Support Providers

Olmstead's 18th Anniversary: Recognizing our Past and Looking to the Future

Learn How to Take Action this Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Onsite with SRVS in Memphis, Tennessee

Amazon Offers Discounted Prime Membership for Customers Receiving Government Assistance

Preventing the Loss of Information During Turnover

Spotlight on the MediSked Advisor Council

Raising Awareness for Mental Health Month This May

Social Enterprises - Creating Employment for Individuals with Disabilities

Celebrating Older American’s Month: Age Out Loud

MediSked Named #16 Best Place to Work in New York State!

Research About Caregivers is Crucial - Seeking Caregivers to Participate in The Arc's FINDS Survey

MediSked/ResCare Partnership: Implementation Kickoff in North Carolina

April is Autism Awareness Month!

Supporting Health Information Exchange (HIE) Data Integration in North Carolina

Disability Policy Seminar – The Importance of Telling Your Story

Catholic Charities Event Raises Awareness of TBI and Concussions

On-Site with the Northeast Arc!

March is National Developmental Disabilities Month – How Will You Celebrate?

Top Ten Questions we get asked - #9 How long does it take to set up?

October - National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Welcome! Community Inclusion Campaign

What Does The "Internet of Things" Have To Do With Your Agency's Electronic Records?

People, not consumers.  IKEA gets it.

New Jersey Makes the Move to Fee For Service

Clashing Headlines: Celebrating ADA's 26th Anniversary While Ableism is Still Prevalent

The Overtime Final Rule Is Here- Now What?

Let's Focus On the Good Things Happening in Ohio

The Roadmap to Self-Direction: Exploring Your Options, Creating Opportunities - Happening This Saturday!

Better Late than Never? New Jersey Doing An Amazing Thing - That Should Have Been Done Forever Ago

What's the Right Way to Transition to Managed Care?

Judge Threatens $1 Million per Year Fines After a Lack of Progress with Sheltered Workshop Transition Plan

Have You Heard Dillan's Voice? Apple Shared the Story of How Technology is Changing His Life.

Channing Tatum Was Guest #1 On the First Ever Nonverbal Talk Show & It's Awesome

All the Details: MediSked #11 on The Best Places to Work in NY List

Stop By & Say Hi at the ANCOR Conference! 

Check It Out: The Medicaid Managed Care Final Rule is Finally Public

How Does Your State Rank When It Comes to Employing People with Disabilities? See the Best & the Worst.

State-Run Advocacy Offices Are A Major Conflict of Interest - Yet 5 Still Exist

Wegmans Is The Best Grocery Store In America & A Model Inclusive Employer

Update: Google Is Doing Amazing Things To Make The World More Accessible

Autism Prevalence & The Importance of Early Intervention

OPWDD Updates Person-Centered Planning Regulations for New York

Potential Software Implementation Problems: And How To Address Them

April is Autism Awareness Month & We're Not Fooling Around

Microsoft & Special Olympics Launch #UpgradeYourWorld Inclusion Initiative

Do You Know Where Your Easter Eggs Came From?

Today Is World Down Syndrome Day!

Meet the MediSked Person-Centered Portal

Disability Twitter: How the World's Largest Minority is Speaking Out & Being Heard

Want to Do Something Productive During Developmental Disability Awareness Month? Here's an Idea

Check Out Tommy Hilfiger's New Adaptive Collection for Children With Disabilities

What Are We Doing at I/DD Agencies Today That We Might Regret 20 Years From Now?

The Real Reason Target's New Shopping Carts For People with Disabilities Are Such a Big Deal

Minimum Wage Increases Are Good. Not Funding Them Could Be Disasterous for the I/DD Field.

Don't Miss Our Latest eReport: The Staffing Struggle is Real

The Most Important Thing You Need to Know Before Changing the Way You Do Things

The Top 4 Reasons Hospital Software Isn't Right for the I/DD Space

In The Driver's Seat: A Great Resource for Self-Direction

Software Has Evolved to Be More Person-Centered. Have You?

10 Great I/DD News & Information Sources for 2016

The Important Role of the Media in Starting a 'Dialogue on Disability'

When It Comes To Respectful Language Are There More Questions Than Answers?

Direct Care Job Growth Is Surging & It's Not Going to Stop

We Want You to Have the Best Technology in Place for New York's Move to Managed Care. OPWDD Wants to Fund It.

A lesson in empathy: How parents feel about "letting go"

Check out our new on-demand webinar with host Amie Lulinski, Research Director at the Arc of the United States

Submit an idea to the MediSked User Group Board & Get a M.U.G. mug

Today is a Day for Celebrating: PHP Passed the CMS Readiness Review & A Whole New Kind of Managed Care is Happening in NY

If You Read One Piece of Journalism Today - Make It This One

New CDC Data Shows No Drop In Cerebral Palsy Prevalence

Take A Look at the Arc of Seneca Cayuga's New Branding

It's #GIVINGTUESDAY - Get Into It & Spread The Word

3 Things the I/DD Community Should Be Thankful for This Year

Governor Cuomo Vetoed a Developmental Disabilities Bill Based on the Olmstead Decision & Some New Yorkers Aren't Very Pleased

6 Myths (And Truths) About Epilepsy

Washington State has spent $1 million on research telling them to close institutions, and legislators are ignoring it all

Connecticut early childhood screening program is growing nationally

Did you hear about Oklahoma's Wait List Problem? It's out of this decade.

Our Veterans & TBI

BIG NEWS! CMS & New York State Partner to Coordinate Care for Medicare-Medicaid Enrollees with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities: Technology Powered by MediSked

Wise Words Wednesday: Inspiration for Your Work Day

Know Of An Agency Doing Staffing/HR Right? We Want To Hear From You.

22 Must-See Costumes Made for Kids Who Use Adaptive Equipment

Data Digest Deep Dive: Employment

Time is Money: And Pennsylvania Is Running Out of Both

An Open Letter to the State of Illinois (About the Sorry State of Your Budget Fiasco)

MediSked Connect Releases New Person Centered Features

New States Posted: Get Your HCBS Rule Update Here

Don't Miss Tomorrow's Live Webinar: 50 Pieces of Data Every Agency Should Be Tracking

That Catchy "Renegades" Song You're Hearing Everywhere? It's A Tribute to People with Disabilities

The Word Every Person Working in IDD Needs to Eliminate From Their Vocabulary

Positive Exposure: Photographer Gives Up Super Models & High Fashion to Capture the Beauty of People with Disabilities & Spread the Message of Inclusion

Hey Missourians - Let's Meet Up

The Washington Post Asks "Why a man with intellectual disabilities has fewer rights than a convicted felon" and we want to know why too.

Just Released: The 2015 Data Digest, Presented by MediSked & The Arc

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

The Most Important Thing I Heard at The Arc National Convention

Attending the Arc's National Convention in Indy this Weekend? Stop By & Say Hi!

Make A Difference In 30 Seconds: Invite Your Congressional Members to A Briefing on the Medicaid Equal Access Provision

4 Life-Changing Messages from Care Manager Training 

RCIL: Leading the Way for Self-Direction

MediSked is Hiring! 11 New Positions Just Posted 

MediSked Takes on Steptember with UCP  

Should Agencies in Missouri Worry? Retention, Minimum Wage & the Proposed Overtime Rule

Group Home "Nurse" Who Forged License & Faked Cancer Now Facing Multiple Charges

Recent I/DD Employment Statistics & Ideas for Growth

Frozen in Time- Provider Rates for I/DD Services in FL and CA

Need A Great Reason to Like Buffalo Bills WR Marquise Goodwin? Watch This.

Looking for New Software? 7 Tips to Get Your Team On Board

New eReport: 50 Pieces of Data Every Agency Should Be Tracking

HCBS Statewide Transition Plans Update: Here's What We Know

The Justice Department Is Pretty Upset With Virginia For Not Trying Hard Enough to Reform Programs for People with Disabilities

New CDC Report Says 1 in 5 Americans Has a Disability. But What Does That Mean?

Fast Food Workers Deserve $15 An Hour But Direct Support Professionals Don't?

Historic New York State Partnership to Improve Care for People with Developmental Disabilities: Technology Powered by MediSked

: Latest Features Released for Connect

MediSked Wants to #EndTheAwkwardDC – Can You Help?

New Nike Sneakers Are Changing the Game for People with Disabilities

Atlanta Researchers Find Correlation Between Certain Antidepressants & Developmental Disabilities

5 Things You Probably Didn't Know About MediSked's Billing System

Speak Up & Fight for I/DD Funding. Louisiana Did & Their Legislators Listened.

Lessons Every Advocate Should Learn from Gay Rights & Abby Wambach

Work begins on Missouri’s First Accessibility Focused Golf Course

Amazing Model Madeline Stuart Has Landed Her 1st Ad Campaign

Alarming Findings After OIG Audit of New York's Home Health Workers' Qualifications

Coming Soon: Richmond's ARCpark - The Ultimate Inclusive Park & Playground

All Adults With Disabilities (AWD) funding eliminated in FY2016 Florida Budget

Calling All MediSked Users: You've Got An Important Meeting Tomorrow

4 Final Rule Updates You Need to Be Prepared For

Get Comfortable: Sexual Expression in the I/DD Community is Here to Stay

ACLD's Spring Soiree Proves That Looking Good Is Good For The Soul:

Is There An I/DD Housing Crisis On the Horizon?

5 Reasons On Site Training Rules

New Program in Illinois Isn’t Creating Jobs for People with Disabilities. It’s Helping Them Create Their Own.

Mark's Story: Self Direction, Self Determination, and an Incredible Level of Independence

Google Wants to Create 'Universal Access for People with Disabilities' & They Need Your Help